We pride ourselves on offering customized transportation solutions that are effective and efficient, as well as employing the industry’s best and brightest. We do this by utilizing the latest tools, diagnostic equipment and software.

An advantage of Aim in this area is our in-house IT team. Our highly-talented team has developed several, powerful fleet analytic and management tools. This allows Aim to build software around our customers’ needs rather than solving their problems with pre-determined solutions. The best part of this software is that it not only helps us make the best decisions for our customers, but we also make it available to you!

Aim Navigator

Aim Transportation Solutions is no stranger to innovation, consistently changing the way we approach fleet management. With Aim Navigator, you have key fleet management tools at your fingertips. The Aim Navigator app gives you real-time fleet information, visibility, transparency, and the ability to make decisions on your smartphone or any other device.

With Aim Navigator, You'll have:

Aim’s unique Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting tool is now available on mobile devices! Through the Aim Navigator app, Aim drivers can conveniently submit their DVIRs.

The integrated dashboard gives you an overview of your fleet and allows you to see three vital pieces of data: fuel economy, cost per stop, and cost per mile.

You will have the power to find real-time status updates, including ETAs, locations, and more. When a customer asks when their shipment is arriving, you’ll be able to answer them quickly and accurately thanks to the information provided by this feature.


Customer Web Access (CWA)

Customer Web Access (CWA) offers complete transparency 24/7 to every Aim customer. This reporting provides you with unrestricted access to the same information we can see. From real-time reporting and operational status to monitoring mileage and invoicing, this system compiles all Aim invoices in one location.

Additional areas of tracking include maintenance, fuel and rental spend, and vehicle comparisons and spending. CWA gives you access to every aspect of your transportation system so you know how each area is performing and where you need to make changes to your protocols.

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The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate Rule is intended to create a safer environment for drivers and the other vehicles around them. Instead of paper logbooks, drivers are able to track, manage and report their status quickly and accurately through a designated tablet. This system also synchs with the vehicle’s engine to automatically record driving time, miles, driver fatigue, speeding and more.

While the convenience of streamlining paperwork to one resource can save both time and money, it also allows drivers to focus primarily on driving safely while you have the ability to check their progress and location at the push of a button. This is why all our rental trucks are equipped with an ELD.


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