Aim Drivers Recognized by TRALA

Bud Hough’s road awareness and commitment to safety earned him the 2013 (TRALA) “Certificate of Excellence”. “I feel good about my good driving record,” Bud explained. “Fifteen years is a long time to be driving without causing an accident. I just try my best every day I’m out there to be cautious on the road and do my job like I’m supposed to do.”

“You can’t control what others do, but you can be aware of the traffic around you and watch for other people when you’re driving or backing up.” BUD HOUGH
Aim driver Rick Roth, center, is congratulated by Trumbull Industries general manager Dennis Parks (left) and Aim safety director Bob Thibodeau.

Rick Roth gained National recognition by setting an example for all to follow as to what makes a good Aim driver. Roth earned a certificate of distinction as one of just 12 drivers nationally who were recognized as part of (TRALA) 2012 Driver of the Year program.

TRALA is a non-profit national association of which Aim is a member. Its Driver of the Year program rewards drivers who have demonstrated excellence in driving and safety standards, longevity and community service.

Roth has been an Aim employee driving for Trumbull Industries for 17 years. He has never had an unavoidable accident in more than 1.25 million miles driven for Aim. “Everything about Rick is what we want in a driver,” said Scott Flemming, Aim Services President, Aim Integrated Logistics. “He sets an example. He’s a class-act through and through, both as an employee and a person.”

Rick Roth earned a certificate of distinction as one of just 12 drivers who were recognized as part of Truck Rental and Leasing Association’s (TRALA) 2012 Driver of the Year program.

“To be a good driver you really need to be self motivated. You can’t let grass grow under your feet. You’ve got to hustle, be willing to work, do whatever it takes and be flexible. It’s all about taking care of the customer.”Rick Roth