Maintenance Meeting Focuses on Service, Training

Aim NationaLease’s maintenance team renewed its commitment to train harder, work smarter and communicate often during its annual meeting in October in New Cumberland, W.Va.

The focus of this year’s gathering was “Best Practices” and how making even the smallest adjustments can produce big and positive results. Topics of discussion included customer relations, technical training, planning, Aim policy adherence and employee retention.

Aim President TOM FLEMING and Senior Vice President TERRY DIMASCIO addressed more than 80 maintenance employees at the meeting noting significant improvement is being made this year.

“Through the maintenance team’s dedication, knowledge and experience, we are increasing customer service by making better decisions on repairs and our choice of proactive preventative maintenance is paying off,” said MARK ROACHE, director of maintenance at Aim. “Maintenance is continuing to improve our customer service experience throughout the company.”

Tool, technical and management training were stressed by guest speaker Rob O’Donnell from Solutions 21. His target concept was “Small adjustments = Big Impacts.” He discussed management training, including implementing Fred Pryor training classes for Service and Region Managers.

Training was a key component of the three-day meeting. Navistar’s Chris Morgan (Corporate Trainer) and Wayne Kosko (Corporate Training Manager) led Aim’s maintenance team in discussion and training on their engine/REGEN processes.

“This extra technical training is a major key in the success of the Aim maintenance team,” explained Mark. “We receive special maintenance technical training that keeps Aim ahead of the technology curve.”

The Aim management team coordinated important training on several routine topics that are important to the Maintenance team’s success. KEITH MORAVCIK and VINCE CARCIONE discussed the importance of daily yard check management procedures, LEROY CASALI and PHIL VICINANZA addressed labor productivity, RICK HORNBERGER and MARK SZPARA spoke about REGEN/ Customer training and JEFF KIELP and KEVIN CUMMINGS offered information on steer tire management forms.

“I have found with past experiences, they have a professional rock-solid approach,” said Mark. “These maintenance managers explained their daily approach to the maintenance team in an effort to give the team another option for success and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Another focus of this year’s annual meeting was employee retention.

“Good, qualified drivers, technicians, managers are all hard to come by today,” said Mark. “Retention is key. Constant weekly communication with your newly hired employees keeps the Maintenance team on the fast track for solving personal issues and concerns during the new employees’ training periods.

“This is managed through our Human Resources department. Our Retention Specialist is DEBRA BREEN, who does an excellent job for us here at Aim.”